Stay classy SLC!

Stay classy SLC!

Thursday, April 10, 2014





    “Too many of the plays I see are limited by a particular political ideology that perpetuates a self-congratulatory atmosphere in the theatrical community, which is willing to prioritize “correct” ideas ahead of visceral and immediate work.”


“Theatre that is relieved of the obligation of offering an idea.”


-David Fetzer

The Hive Theatre Company is currently accepting short-play submissions for their 2015 production of BUPKIS: A PLAY ABOUT NOTHING (MAY 8-16, 2015 @ THE SUGAR SPACE); a tribute to the late David Fetzer. The script must be a short 10-15 minute play. The only catch? It must be about nothing. Jared and Tiffany Greathouse direct, as five local playwrights strip down theatrical convention and delve deep into the creative mind for answers to questions that only the audience truly knows.


       Script must be no longer than 15 minutes in duration

       All scripts chosen by submission process (DEADLINE JANUARY 1ST, 2015)

       Must be a local Utah resident

       Script must be about NOTHING  


       Only location, character, and conflict are necessary (example: two men attempt to diffuse a ticking time bomb they find at a bus stop one morning)

       No more than 3 characters per script

       Basic plot, basic costumes, minimal props and scenery

       Interesting characters encouraged, clever dialogue is a plus, imagination and creativity are an absolute necessity

       Play must NOT be given a title (if selected, the script will be given a numerical title: Act One, Two, Three, Four, Five)

       Don’t hold back (be yourself)

       Writers may submit as many scripts as they’d like

       Q&A with writers, directors, and actors after each show

       Audience votes for favorite script


       Include all basic contact information (name, phone, and email)

       For any questions, call Jared Greathouse @ 801-573-4080 or email:

       Join The Hive’s 2015 THEATRE REVOLUTION!

Monday, March 31, 2014


The Hive will return soon with our very own 2015 THEATRE REVOLUTION! We will take a stand against boring theatre once and for all!

MAY 8-16 2015 


A tribute to the late David Fetzer. The Hive will soon be calling for local playwright submissions for BUPKIS: A PLAY  ABOUT NOTHING. The script must be a short 10-15 minute play. The only catch? It must be about nothing. Jared and Tiffany Greathouse direct as five local playwrights strip down theatrical convention and delve deep into the creative mind for answers to questions that only the audience truly knows.

"Theatre that is relieved of the obligation of offering an idea."

-David Fetzer

OCTOBER  9-17 2015


At first glance it would seem that successful theatre critic Johnny Harris leads a happy, healthy, normal life. With a great job, and a loving wife and family, how could one not be happy? But when Johnny receives news about the brutal murder of an old clown college chum, dark secrets from Johnny’s past begin to surface, including Mr. Wiggles; a Punk-Fu Party Clown with a wild imagination and a hedonistic appetite. Embrace your inner clown for this “pie in the face” Dramedy from local playwright Jared Greathouse.
“LOVE . . . MURDER . . . CLOWNS.”

More info to come. Including, rules and guidelines for short play submissions. The revolution is coming!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Thank you to everyone who supported The Hive during our brief Zombie infestation. It was a blast. And thank you to the cast and crew for all of your hard work. The Hive has and always will be creating new and interesting theatre which simply cannot be compared to anything you've ever seen before, or might see again anytime soon. We are the company that could give two shits about the status quo. We are the dreamers, the seekers, the mad scientists of the local theatre scene. Theatre is alive in SLC and we are happy to play in our little corner of the sandbox! Thank you all for your love and support!

City Weekly Review By Rob Tennant

Friday, September 6, 2013

STEADMAN & WALKER (ZOMBIE LLC): Online playbill!

The Hive Theatre Company
Here at The Hive, we are dedicated to producing and sustaining high quality theatre for our community. We also help provide a necessary platform for local artists to learn, grow, and showcase their many talents. However, without the support of patrons and local contributors, The Hive would be an impossibility. Help keep The Hive alive by becoming a sponsor today.

Contact Jared & Tiffany A. Greathouse Founders/Artistic Directors
    "From the Desk of Jared Greathouse"

Our initial approach to Steadman & Walker was a fairly simple one: We wanted to create a true theatrical collaboration, yet still manage to maintain the integrity of the script as a whole. After some careful thought, we decided to bring on three different directors (one for each Act) and also enlisted the zombie expertise of Bobby Cody as Zombie Wrangler, the talents of some of SLC's most formidable actors, and a crack team of local make up artists. After all, it has always been a priority of The Hive to allow each artist involved to have their own artistic voice, and to make sure that voice can be heard. We’d like to think this production is the closest we’ve come to that goal. Words cannot express how proud we are to be a part of this meeting of so many incredibly talented minds; an experiment in Democracy, where we have all come together to form a more perfect union. We have all made a choice to stand united, and with a little hard work and perseverance, we’ve found there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. "We’re all in this together."


THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION. Approx. Running Time: 90 Min.

October 11-12 & 18-19, 2013 marks the world premiere production of


By Jared Greathouse - The Hive Theatre Company SLC, UT

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& Justin Johnson


By Jared Greathouse

Act I: The New Guy


Director: Tiffany A. Greathouse


Act I Cast
MIKE: Sam C. McGinnis V

BOB: Spencer Belnap

WILLIE: Robert A. Easton

LARRY: Jared Greathouse

LISA: Elise C. Hanson

Act II: Interoffice Armageddon
Director: Elise C. Hanson


Act II Cast
JAMES: David J. Bohnet

ASHLEY: Tiffany A. Greathouse

COACH: JayC Stoddard

Act III: Final Severance
Director: Jared Greathouse


Act III Cast
STEADMAN: Jeffrey Owen


ASHLEY: Tiffany A. Greathouse

Zombie Wrangler/Trainer: Bobby Cody

Set: Michael Austin

Props/Costumes: Jared, Tiffany & Kelcey Greathouse

Makeup Artist: JC Carter

Makeup Artist: Shanna McChesney

Makeup Artist: Kalika Rose

Makeup Artist: Sidney Bre Davis

Makeup Artist: Kelly Donahue

Sound Design: Jared Greathouse

Sound Tech: Clint Vought

Lighting Design/Tech: Lawson Mills

House Manager: Cami Rozanas

BIOS: The living & the dead.

Sam C. McGinnis V (“Mike”) Steadman & Walker (Zombie LLC) marks Sam’s very first appearance onstage at The Hive, although he has been involved with numerous productions in the past. Most recently, Sam served as Director for The Hive’s searing Utah premiere production of A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE by Martin McDonagh; a disturbingly violent comedy which won him rave reviews. And in 2012, he stepped into the role of Stage Manager for The Hive’s production of Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO. We are excited to have Sam onstage with us for this world premiere.

Spencer Belnap (“Bob”) This ain’t Spencer’s first rodeo with The Hive Theatre Company. You may recognize him as the lovable nerd “Levi” from QUEEN BEE by Laura Neubauer; a short play which won The Hive “Best Production” nods at Wasatch Theatre’s Page-to-Stage Festival 2011. He also came back to play “Peter” in our 2012 production of Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO. And even though he might be playing “the new guy” in this production, he is definitely no stranger to The Hive stage.

Robert A. Easton (“Willie”) Known to friends & enemies alike as Bob, he has been involved in theatre for more than 17 years, playing such roles as “Inspector Cousea” in THE PINK PANTHER, “Fagin” in OLIVER!, “Benedick” in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, “Malcolm” in MACBETH, “Paul Bratter” in BAREFOOT IN THE PARK & “Andy Ladd” in LOVE LETTERS. Willie the drunk Santa Zombie is, for Bob, like playing Shakespeare’s “Falstaff” but with less lines. Bob is the Founder & Artistic Director of ATG Theatre Company. Please visit to learn more. “I’m a millionaire!”

Jared Greathouse (“Larry”/Act III Director) A homegrown Utah native, Jared has been involved in the local theatre scene ever since he could tie his own shoelaces. With both parents working long hours at The Desert Star Playhouse, the theatre occasionally became a sort of makeshift daycare for the self-proclaimed “theatre brat.” He would later transition from snot-nosed patron to performer, and has since worked on numerous stages across the Salt Lake Valley. Although his favorite acting gig still remains the role of “Jerry” in Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO, which won him an Arty Award nomination in 2012. However, it was an accolade which was quickly overshadowed by his playwriting debut only three months later; an absurd and mind blowing existential odyssey called WHO ARE YOU?, which premiered at The Hive last October. “Love & respect to the man who taught me the importance of the performing arts. Thanks, Dad.”

Elise C. Hanson (“Lisa”/Act II Director) Steadman & Walker (Zombie LLC) is Elise’s fourth production with The Hive, and her first time directing for us. She made her Hive debut as “Nanny” in BABY WITH THE BATHWATER by Christopher Durang, and was most recently seen as “Stephanie 2” in WHO ARE YOU?, another world premiere by Jared Greathouse. Elise has many talents and is always bringing new ideas to the table. Thank you for all you do, Elise!

David J. Bohnet (“James”) The Hive is thrilled to have David back onstage with us. He was a key player in making WHO ARE YOU? by Jared Greathouse come to life last Fall when an actor dropped out two days prior to opening. He was called upon to fill his shoes & David rose to the occasion and pulled it off flawlessly. He was last seen as the handsome “Proteus” in Salt Lake Shakespeare’s production of TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA. And if you look close enough, at the right time of day, you just might catch a glimpse of him on the most recent Stevens Henagar commercial.

Tiffany A. Greathouse (“Ash”/Act I Director)  Tiff cannot wait to share this horrifyingly funny world premiere with SLC! It’s her first time “officially” directing on her own and her cast has been a dream to work with. Playing Ash has also been a wild ride & it’s been a pleasure working with so many creative artists. After graduating from the University of Utah with her Bachelor of Arts degree, she co-founded The Hive Theatre Company with her husband, Jared (who also wrote STEADMAN & WALKER – ZOMBIE LLC). This is the company’s 7th production and first year being nominated for SLCity Weekly’s Arty Awards for Best Community Group. Tiffany wears many hats, including Producer, Director, Costumer & Prop Mistress, but her very favorite is Actor. Some of her beloved roles are: “Marilyn” in (The Hive’s Utah premiere of) A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE by Martin McDonagh, “Stephanie” in (The Hive’s world premiere of) WHO ARE YOU? by Jared Greathouse, “Helen” in BABY WITH THE BATHWATER & “Puck” in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. She wants to thank everyone involved for their patience, time, willingness, ability and all-around artistic awesomeness! “We literally couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you for making Jared’s vision come to life – again! (pun fully intended, of course) We’re all in this together!”

JayC Stoddard (“Coach”) This is JayC’s first time onstage with The Hive. We are excited to have him playing the role of “Coach”, a character very close to the playwright’s own heart. JayC can be seen on stages across the Salt Lake Valley. He has established himself as an actor to pay attention to in the local theatre scene. Some of his past roles include “Ariel” in Around the Globe Theatre’s production of THE TEMPEST and the title role in ATG’s 2012 world premiere of BOB JUAN CASANOVA by Robert Easton.

Jeffrey Owen (“Steadman”) This is Jeffrey’s second outing with The Hive Theatre . He appeared in their successful run of Martin McDonough’s A Behanding in Spokane, where he played the role of Carmichael. He recently appeared as Mr. McAdam in Silver Summit Theatre Company’s debut production of Screwtape. Jeffrey has been part of the Salt Lake Theatre scene for over 30 years. Some of his favorite roles include Dr. Douglas in Ms. Evers' Boys, Herb in Neil Simon's I Ought To Be In Pictures, Roat in Wait Until Dark, Tom in The Glass Menagerie, Peter in Prelude To A Kiss, John Doyle Lee in The Ballad Of Mountain Meadows, Ronnie in House Of Blue Leaves, Leslie in Seascape, Tesman in Hedda Gabler, Anthony in Julius Ceasar, Calaban in The Tempest, Edmond in King Lear, Henry IV in Henry IV part I , and Laertes in Hamlet. Jeffrey is a graduate of the Actor Training Program at The University Of Utah. Jeffrey would like to thank the Greathouses for the opportunity to work with them once again and to our wonderful makeup crew for their tireless dedication to artistic gore and zombification. Also, to Bobby Cody for the showing us the proper movement and voice of Zombies! In the words of Steadman: “Nonsense, child. There’s always a choice. In the end it’s the consequences that nobody wants to deal with.” Take that to heart and Enjoy!
JC Carter (“Walker”) JC is excited to be appearing in his first production with The Hive theatre company. He has appeared in over 30 theater productions, with his favorite roles including J. Flanders Kittredge in Six Degrees of Separation, Clifford Anderson in Death Trap, Steve Hubbell in A Streetcar Named Desire, and the duel roles of Oberon and Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  JC is more frequently found in the Director’s chair. His most notable directing credits include Twelve Angry Men for Sugar Factory Playhouse; True West, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Spitfire Grill for Wasatch Theatre Company; and Bob Juan Casanova and Picasso at the Lapin Agile for Around the Globe Theatre Company. JC is also a producer for two companies: Utah Repertory Theatre Company and Around the Globe Theatre Company; and if that weren't enough, he's also the owner and administrator of the online resource for Utah's theatre community: He thanks his beloved family for their continued love and support. 
("Makeup Design") JC apprenticed under an Emmy Award Winning makeup artist and learned the craft of special effects makeup. For several years he was one half of the theatrical makeup team, Monster FX. His makeup has appeared in both stage and film productions, most recently in Around the Globe Theatre Company's production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest. He couldn't have done this without the assistance of the awesome makeup team assembled for this production. He's humbled by their talent and inspired by their creativity.